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10.27.16 CrossFit Workout WOD Thornton Northglenn CO

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3 Rounds- (10 Minutes)

10 Roll Back to Straddle

10 Squat-Stand-Squats

10 TRX T’s and Y’s

20/side ankle rolls

A. 14 Minute AMRAP-    (20)

3 Strict Handstand Pushups (2 inch deficit if possible)

6 Box Jumps (24/2)

9 Kettlebell Ground to Overhead (53/35)

*Kettlebell Ground to Overhead can be clean and press OR snatch

Rest 2 Minutes


1 Max Set of Wallballs (20/14) *Goal is to see how hard you can push yourself after a 2 minute recovery, hold onto the ball longer then you think you can and go to that “dark place”

B. Skill Work- 3 Rounds For Quality:  (Remaining time in class)

100m Run

0:45 Second L-Sit Hold

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