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10 October, 2014

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Last minute announcements everyone!

1) Classes this Saturday are moved back by 30 minutes (Yoga 9:30AM, Fitness/Performance 10:30AM, Weightlifting 11:30AM, Skill Clinic 12:30PM)

2) Weightlifting class will be starting a new cycle next week! We will be meeting at 6:00PM Tuesday and 7:00PM Thursday.

3) There will be no class 7PM Thursday for the next few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s not permanent.

4) Along with the awesome performance you guys made this week during levels testing week we will be making some additions to the program. Stay tuned for those.



20 minutes to establish 15 RM Push-Press


21-15-9 of:

C2B Pull-ups
Clean & Jerk 115/75#

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