17 April, 2014

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Who is excited for SuperSystems 2.0?!?!?

Take advantage of the most knowledgeable staff of coaches this side of I-25! Get stronger, faster, and have your workouts geared toward your athletic level during all class times! And…best of all…all CFT Athletes will have access to this!

We’ll also be dropping more accessory programs that every athlete can take advantage of! Contact Coach Lawrence (lawrence@crosscrossfitthornton.com) for more information or to get started at CrossFit Thornton. Trust us…you’ll want to be here when this gets started.

All Levels


Establish a 10RM Press


5 rounds of:

Body Weight Front Squat – Max Reps
5 burpee box jumps – Heightest Possible



A:Back Squat 2×5 85%
B: Clean Pull 3×3 @ 90%
C: ” 3×2 @ 95%
D: Halting Clean Deadlift 3×2 85% (of clean)
E: ” 3×3 90%
F: Good Morning 3 x 5
G1: HE with weight 3×12 @ +5
G2: Strict Pull-Up 3xME (Supinated)

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