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Warm up (9)

3 min row/ bike

3 rounds

10 Slam ball cleans (mod)

10 cat cows

10 scap pull ups

10 Pcv pass thoughs


Strength (20)

8×4 power cleans (TNG)

(Build up to a moderate set)


Athletes note:

This is not supposed to be heavy its supposed to push you to have good form and technique though all the reps. Make sure to have fast elbows, good hip extension and a quality catch.


Metcon (18)

7min AMRAP

9 Russian KB swings (53/35)

18 hand release push ups

9 stones over shoulder (40/30) “aka slam balls”

2min rest

7min AMRAP

9 slam balls (40/30)

18 sit ups

9 American KB swings (53/35)


To nights classes will only be FLEX at 4 and CrossFit at 4:30 because of the Screening of The Fittest on Earth at the Orchard AMC movie Theater at 6:30pm tickets are still on sale. link below

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