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4.27.17 CrossFit Workout WOD Thornton Northglenn CO

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Thursday: Bradley 170427 – 
Mental toughness on a hero day, rope climbs in the warm up and what to do with limited ropes and a large class, how the skills fit into the regular workouts, time guide for today’s programming

Context: Mental Toughness

Mobility: Shoulder (playlist video here)

Skill Practice Warm Up: Each minute on the minute for 5 min perform 1-2 rope climbs, 6 rope assisted pull ups, or 3 rope lay downs. If you don’t have enough ropes, split people into groups of 2-4 people and rotate (don’t worry about the clock).

Strength: none

Super Set: none

Metabolic Conditioning: “Bradley

For Time. 10 Rounds

10 rounds for time of:

Sprint, 100 m

10 Pull-ups

Sprint, 100 m

10 Burpees

Rest 30 secs

*Women’s “Performance” weights and reps (Rx)

Scaling Guide: 22 – 32 min, about 2:30 per round including the rest.

Coaching Tips: Sprint hard on the first couple rounds, but then settle in to a slower pace if your wind can’t keep up. People who can efficiently do butterfly pull ups will be rewarded on this one, but don’t do them if you are going to shred your hands. If you can set this up to start 100m away from the pull up bar, start out run 100m, do pull ups, then run back out and do your burpees (without having to turn around at 50m). Otherwise, a turn around is fine (but it will slow you down slightly).

‘Cash Out’: None

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