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One of my favorite things at the gym is the PR board. Not just seeing my own name up there, but being inspired by all the other athletes’ accomplishments – Lexington hitting a nearly four-foot box jump, my husband passing me up on his back squat (well, that one was bittersweet), Neil hitting 100# on his very first snatch day, Lindsey getting her one-handed handstand, anyone getting their first pull-up. Sometimes it’s not the numbers that go up that inspire me. Sometimes it’s the sheer number of people that make it on the board on a single day. Sometimes it’s just the baby steps toward reaching larger goals. Sometimes it’s seeing how far a particular athlete has come since joining the gym.

There is something about seeing all those accomplishments – all that growth – that makes me want to work harder, try new movements, and get closer to achieving my own goals. When I see others breaking through their own personal barriers it makes me think I can too. When Lindsey got a one-handed hand stand last month, it lit a spark, not just in me, but in many athletes at the gym. Suddenly everyone was upside down before class trying to balance on one hand. After a few weeks of trying, I got one too (!), but I never would have gone there if it weren’t for the PR board. So, thanks to Lindsey and everyone else for the inspiration. You are all rock stars . . . and you make me feel like one, too. And of course, thanks to Lawrence, James, and Jesse for the bad ass coaching!

– Laura


Gymnastic Strength

50 Partner Leg Throws
50 Strict Toe-2-Bar
50 Russian Twist with Med Ball Throw


F/P: 3 rounds for time of:
50 Sit-ups
25 Shoulder Touches
25 OH Lunges (in place) 95/65#

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