6 October, 2014

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Testing week is finally here! This will be your biggest opportunity to get the most amount of these Athletic Milestones completed. Here are some guidelines to make the best use of the Athletic Levels:

– Do the workouts that are geared toward your Athletic Level (Fitness, Performance, or Sport). They are designed so you can accomplish the most amount of work within your capabilities and get the best workout possible.

– Use your skill clinics. They come with your membership package! They are good for either the one hour group skill clinic on the weekends OR for 15 minute private sessions during the week. Call to schedule your skill clinic and use the time to learn the progressions necessary to move up the levels.

– Look for opportunities outside of testing to check off milestones. Do Fran and get 15 unbroken Pull-ups? Coach see it? Then get that shit signed!

– Once you’ve passed Craftsman you should start to do the Performance workouts. Once you’ve passed Expert you should start to do the Sport workouts. You can do lower athletic level workouts but shouldn’t do higher. The conditioning workouts are designed for you to do as much work as possible. Use the strength and gymnastic portion of class and your skill sessions to hone yourself for the milestones. Don’t forget to get homework from your coach as well!

I can’t wait to see what you guys can do. Use this awesome tool. Not only is it a great way to gauge your athletic fitness, it’s a great goal setting tool as well!



1) 2 min ME Push-ups
2) 2 min ME Sit-ups
3) 2 min ME Squat
4) 3 attempts at a ME Pull-ups
5) 3 attempts at ME Tuck Hold
6) 3 attempts at ME Prone Cobra


20 minute AMRAP of:
400m Run
ME Pull-up

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