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Athlete Of the Month- December

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Congratulations Josh Gardner!

December Athlete of the Month


Age: 39.I have a vet bod, it’s like a dad bod with worse knees.——Started CrossFit: Just over a year now——Favorite Movement: Barbell Push Press.


About Josh.

I grew up in Oklahoma before I moved to Colorado in 2000, joined the Army and spent a lot of time in Japan and Alaska before moving back in 2008. I am a Data Center Manager, like woodworking, camping and Snowboarding, getting older so trying Skiing now. I have 4 dogs and a bunch of chickens.

How has CrossFit changed you?

It got me back to the group workouts, teamwork, and helps my motivation because I won’t do it on my own.

What is your favorite quote or mantra you live by?

Well best way to say it… “Karma’s a B***H.”

What is your favorite WOD/CrossFit movement?

My favorite movement would have to be the barbell push press.

What is your least favorite WOD/CrossFit movement?

I hate burpees.

Athletic/Sports history highlights:

Baseball and softball when I was younger as well as disc golf and basketball.

How has CrossFit improved your overall wellness?

Definitely improved my overall fitness and health. I lost almost 4 inches in my waist already.

Advice to new people?

Stick with it and you will see results. It’s easy to quit, it’s hard to do something that hurts. You’ll be better for it.

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