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I was lucky enough to learn about “Bouncing Back” when I was safely in the Army.  We were training on survival techniques and people were having a rough time.  We were all hungry, foraging for our own food, living under lean-tos made of branches and dead leaves.  Sometimes we would set a trap to catch a little critter for dinner and it wouldn’t go off or the wind would set it off early.  Other times someone would set up a shelter and the rain would soak right through.  All these things would slowly add up and it would really get to the guys.  Eventually they would be focused on all the stuff that went wrong the entire week and they would lose sight of the opportunities they had to do things right in the present.  All that would lead to more bad decisions and more hardship and round and round it would go.  Think about that; they were losing sight of their own ability to do something to improve their situation because of all the things that went wrong in the past that they no longer had control over.

Ingrid Kantola hearts CrossFit

You don’t have to have open-heart surgery to challenge yourself but seeing someone like Ingrid Kantola and hearing her story can certainly put things in perspective.  Sometimes things happen in life, both in your control and out of your control, and they can have a serious impact on you.  But by dwelling on those things you keep yourself from acting in the present and that leads to a circular downward spiral of negativity and sedation.  Instead we need to make the conscious understanding that right now we all have 100% of our lives left ahead of us and it’s up to ourselves to decide how we are going to attack that.

Take a look at yourself today.  Where are you at?  Where do you want to go? What’s the first step?

WOD May 14, 2012

Nicole: 20 Minute AMRAP

400M Run, Max Rep Pull-Ups

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