Callouses, pullups, and going hard!

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Jason earns a CrossFit badge of honor!

Most CrossFitters, at some point or another, will end up tearing their hands.  It’s usually during a high-rep workout with pullups…like the one we all did today!  Remember to take care of your hands- if you feel callouses building up, grab a nail file and sand those suckers down!  The taller they are, the more likely they are to tear and leave you wounded for a few days.  No bueno!

Click here to learn about basic hand maintenance!

That being said, I love seeing the determination- Jason was slipping off the pullup bar, and I could see the skin getting torn, but he kept jumping back up there.  He was going to finish the damn workout!

Here’s some pics from today’s WOD!

WOD 6/19/12

Back Squat (Percentage based off of your 3RM)







4rds for time

200m Run

20 Pullups (Chest-to-bar)

20 Front Squats 95/65

Rest 1 min

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