When Cedric wasn’t writing code he was slinging weight. Here’s what he said between Snatches:

Name: Cedric B.

Birthday: December 10th, 1974

Occupation: Software Engineer

What did you know about CrossFit before coming here? More than your average bear – I was working on my own with crossfit.com, I had a membership to CrossFit Journal, I had done a lot of internet reading – so I had a good idea what I was getting into.

Why did you try CrossFit Thornton? I looked at other boxes in the local area and Denver– and chose CFT for a few reasons: 1. It’s really close to home, 2. I support local startup businesses 3. I grilled Jeff & Lawrence with a ton of questions – and they answered them all really well 4. I didn’t want to get lost in the crowd like some of the other larger boxes that I was considering, 5. I researched their programming and compared it to other boxes– and their programming makes sense.

How do you like our program? Its great. Outlaw programming seems to keep the PRs coming in – the workload seems to continually increase – there seems to be some periodization built into the program which is important (IMO). So – in summary – it is great and it seems like there is a purpose behind each workout.

What is the best part of being at CF Thornton? The athletes and coaches are always ready to get work done. There are not a lot of egos – competition yes – but egos no. I don’t feel out of place – like when I go to my old globo-gym. I’ve never seen anyone doing bicep curls in the squat rack!

Has your life changed since being here? Ok – so I count the number of nuts that I eat, I always weigh my food into portions, I know the difference between preferred and non-preferred carbs, and I know what insulin response is – so I think my life has changed quite a bit. Most programs that I have ever done – have never rewarded so many results so quickly – but CrossFit really isn’t a program – it’s more of a lifestyle. My body composition and waistline is down to near where it was when I was 22 years old– i.e. the best shape ever. So if being 37 and looking and feeling like a 22 year old doesn’t change your life for the better – then you may already be dead!

If there were one movement that you wish the coaches didn’t know, what would it be? The movement that I dislike the most (because I suck at it) is likely hollow holds and rocks – but those are going to help me do cool gymnastics moves – so they are bearable.

If you could only do one movement for exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Snatch –because it’s a quick powerful move – that uses many of the major joints – and it takes weight from the floor to over-head. If you can do that lift well – you will be prepared for most anything in real life.

What are your goals for the next 3 months?
– Get stronger in my core lifts (bench, squat, deadlift, overhead-press)
– Get past some of my blockers on the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean, clean & jerk)
– Improve metabolic conditioning

– Jeff & Lawrence for running a great program, a killer box, and putting up with all my questions!
– To all of the seasoned athletes – you continually show me how fit I can be when I get to your level – so keep it up!
– To all the athletes that never quit – keep it up – it motivates me!
– To all of the athletes continually on top of the leaderboards – you give me something to work toward – I will get there someday.

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