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I’m a Colorado native and I grew up in the Denver metro area playing competitive soccer from age ten. I stuck with soccer all through high school, played at a Division II college and finally ended my soccer career after playing with a local semi-professional team. I ventured out in playing other sports for fun, but soccer was my favorite until I found CrossFit. I also coached soccer for over ten years. I hold several national coaching licenses and loved to coach boys and girls from age eight all the way up to the collegiate level.

I first was exposed to CrossFit in 2002 by a friend who loved to be fit and strong and used CrossFit as his fitness program to prepare him for his MMA fights. I did not fully commit to the CrossFit programming until after marriage and kids. The short intense workouts fit perfectly with my busy life. CrossFit also filled that void in my life that was left after I stopped playing a high level of sport and I needed that camaraderie, competition and motivation that big gyms and strength training did not have. Now CrossFit is all I do and think about. With CrossFit I have dropped over 30 pounds, lowered my body fat percentage, and I’m in better shape now than even when I was a semi-professional athlete. After I fell in love with the sport of fitness, I needed to take that next step and coach!


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Goal Setting

Brian Lee

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