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We all understand that consistently applied practices will achieve the fastest results.  Want to learn double-unders?  Do them every day.  Want to be more flexible?  Stretch more after the workouts and at home.  Want better conditioning?  Give 100% effort and come as often as you can.

This principle applies to the kitchen too!  If you’ve nailed breakfast (eggs, bacon, and avocado), had a great lunch (salad with chicken), but screw up dinner (spaghetti and garlic bread), your results WILL suffer!  Being consistent with your meals is SUPER important to getting the body you want.  I’m not the Hershey Kiss nazi…a treat here or there probably won’t hurt.  But if you’re not sticking to your plan at least 90% of the time, you won’t be losing the weight and you won’t be seeing the progress you want.

As a reminder, June 16th is our Nutrition 101 class.  Check out the Events link to the right for more info.  We’ll be going over tips for staying consistent with a clean diet that WILL get you results.

What’s your lunch look like today?  Post up with what you’re having.  Here’s mine!

WOD 6/5/12

5 Rounds

7 Powercleans

14 Wallballs

Brian Lee

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