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It’s here! CrossFit Thornton’s Endurance Program is finally here! You’ve been waiting all winter to get out on the road and trails and now that the snow has finally stopped falling this is your chance!

What is CrossFit Thornton’s Endurance Program? CFT is conducting a Pose running clinic on Saturday, May 11th. We’ll spend the afternoon drilling Pose and teaching you exactly what figure-4 means. You’ll figure-4 so much you will be doing it in the grocery store waiting to checkout.

After the Pose running clinic you will be given a 3 workout a week, 12-week running program to get you through the summer race season. Not only that but CrossFit Thornton will host 1 coaching session a week giving you even more time to drill those Pose skills. You don’t have to be able to attend that class to participate in the program, you just have to dedicate yourself to getting your workouts and skill work done every week.

Athletes who participate in CFT’s Endurance Program will become a part of CrossFit Thornton’s Endurance Team. We’ve teamed up with The Dirty Dash, Color Me Rad, and Dog Days to bring you free and discounted races all summer long. We’ve even teamed up with Mizuno to give you a chance to try out their new line of minimalist shoes (someone may even get a free pair).

Sign-up today in the athlete lounge or through ZenPlanner.

Non-Member Price: $149

Member Price: $119 (membership discounts apply)

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