Prepare Any New Athlete

Foundations is our two week (6 classes) course built to teach the fundamentals of CrossFit. Small classes with multiple coaches give you the necessary tools to succeed.


6 Classes (2-Week Period)

Even though CrossFit has been around for multiple years, for many it is not in their regular routine. Therefore, our members start with our foundations program. The foundations program will introduce you to the core foundational movements of CrossFit, the language of CrossFit, the significance of benchmark workouts, and you will get a glimpse of the intensity of a WOD.

Our CrossFit foundations course encompasses 6 classes in a two-week period. You will not only learn the lingo and the movements, but you will learn about your body and the proper techniques to move through the movements. We will introduce you to the rules of CrossFit, how things operate, and you and your coaches will get to know one another. Through the 2-week foundations course you will see how classes are run in a community setting and gain insight to the social atmosphere CrossFit Thornton fosters through each athlete.

We will learn about how to modify/scale a movement to your ability allowing for the nurturing and training of proper joint and muscle movement patterns to help eliminate the risk of injury.

The Foundations coaches will also teach you about the methodology on nutrition and why we advocate for nutrition as the foundation to your journey with CrossFit Thornton. At CrossFit Thornton we believe each athlete is an individual with your own set of individual goals and unique personalities. Be you, get after it, and think about what your goals are so we can help you achieve them. Our coaches are here to ensure your safety, coach you through your workouts, and to answer any questions you have.

Welcome to CrossFit Thornton and enjoy the journey!