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Friday 12 April, 2013

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Busy, busy, busy. Everyone is busy. Heck, I’m writing this from my team room right now when I should probably be working. But just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we can push off finding the time to take care of ourselves.

What would happen if you realized that you weren’t going to finish your work on time and that you had to stay late? You would probably decide after working all those hours that it would be better for you to not get in to the late class and just head home and relax. And it’s been such a rough day why not have yourself a few cookies and soda. You’ll get back at the healthy lifestyle tomorrow.

But then tomorrow comes and the same thing happens. You work late, you don’t go to the gym, and you eat a brownie instead of mashed cauliflower.

Eventually you end up in a place where the unhealthy lifestyle is the routine and taking care of yourself is the anomaly.

You’ve got to flip the script. You’ve got to make the healthy lifestyle a routine and the unhealthy choices the anomaly. You’ve got to fight to get into the gym in that 1 spare hour of your day. Not because you paid for it, not because your coach will call you when you don’t show up; but because once you go so often and with such regularity that it is your routine, you will naturally start to make the healthy choices all the time. Your routine of health and fitness will bleed into other aspects of your life. You will make better food choices, sleep more, make the time to relax, and take care of yourself out of habit.

So let’s make healthy choices the habit. Power down the computer and get to the gym. Then head home and cook yourself a steak. You deserve it.

All Levels


20 mins to establish a 1RM Front Squat


For Time:

35 Burpee Pull-ups
35 Box jumps 20″
35 Toes to bar
350 Double unders

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