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Hey guys, Jon here!

I had a chat with an acquaintance of mine earlier this week and what she said to me got me thinking. What she had said was this. “I just don’t feel good and I know I don’t look good, but, what are ya gonna do?” All I could think to say was, “Well, you choose to do something different or you choose to keep going down the same path.” These words of course didn’t come to me at the time so I offered a placating compliment. The fact is you can’t change unless you choose to change. This applies to all athletes or non-athletes at all ages and abilities. As I’ve grown in the gym, I’ve noticed I need to grow outside of the gym as well. I regret not saying what was on my mind to my acquaintance. Perhaps I could have started someone on a better path whether it was CrossFit or not. So, this week let’s all have an assignment in growth outside the gym. Talk to one person about their choices and how they can choose to be different and get what they want. Some will gladly jump on the idea, others will be naysayers. No hard sell here, just chat and maybe give that someone a nudge towards a better lifestyle.

Remember, you chose CrossFit!

– Jon

“We will not break, but we might bend”

All Levels

Games Open 13.3
12 Min AMRAP

150 Wall Ball 20/14
90 Double-Unders
30 Muscle-Ups

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