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Office Hours

What are office hours you ask?  Office hours are the 30-45 minutes before class when Jeff and Lawrence are sitting in the office hoping that someone will call for a free intro.  It is also the perfect opportunity to come in and talk to us about any concerns you may have, ask for help in establishing goals, and basically review your performance in the shop.  All of our athletes have access to our office hours so use them!

Progress Check-ins

Progress check-ins are a more formal 30 minute meeting between you and your coach.  We will go through your Success Journal, discuss your strengths and weaknesses, give you guidance on extra skill and mobility work that you should be doing, and make sure you have a clear understanding on what you need to accomplish over the next month.  Progress check-ins are available to all of our Silver and Gold athletes and are by appointment only so set up your time soon!

Nutrition Check-ins

Nutrition check-ins are a 30 minute meeting with your coach where we will look at your food log and discuss where and how to tighten up your food intake to maximize your training value.  Included in the nutrition check-in is a body fat measurement so you can make sure that you are tracking your progress as best that you can.  Nutrition Check-ins are available bi-monthly to our Silver athletes, monthly to our Gold athletes, and can be purchased on a month to month basis for $15.00.

Private Skill Lesson

Private skill lessons are a 30 minute, one-on-one, training session where you will drill any skill that you want to work on more.  If you want to learn the pose drills so you can work on it at home or if you want to dial in your Olympic Lifting technique this is the way to do it.  These are not workouts!  They are designed to drill athletic skills that you want to practice!  Private skill lessons are included in all of our athlete packages (Bronze athletes get 1, Silver get 2/4, and Gold get 6/12).  These are also available as an a la cart option for $35.00

Regardless of how you reach out to the coaches off the floor make sure that you are prepared with questions, concerns, and a Success Journal so that we can maximize the training value our office hours, skill lessons, and check-ins are designed to have.


15 minutes to establish a 2RM High-Bar Back Squat.


10 minute AMRAP of:

12 Pullups
12 Pistols
12 HR Pushups

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