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Overcoming Your Fears

I love this picture, for a couple reasons. First, I see Amber and Mollie helping Marna get upside down on the rings, which is awesome! The gym is definitely a “pay it forward” place- put out the effort to help others around you, and they’ll definitely help you out when you need it.

Second, I see 39-year-old woman upside down on the rings. Forty is considered “over the hill” to many, but not here. There’s no reason you can’t improve your health, learn new skills, and push your boundaries later in life. We’ve got a handful of 60+ members!

Getting upside down (or jumping on a tall box, or lifting a heavy weight) can be frightening. I want you all to know that this is perfectly normal! You’re trying to do something that you’ve NEVER done before. It’s ok to be a little scared! Trust me, every time I step up to a heavy barbell, I’m more than a little nervous!

You can’t do anything about that fear…but you CAN control your reaction to it. I WANT you to be a little afraid. I WANT you to be nervous. But, more importantly, I want you to learn how to manage that fear and CONQUER IT. Does conquer mean succeed at the movement? Not necessarily. Conquer means succeeded at overcoming the fear. Taking your best shot. Showing up day after day. Committing to that extra bowl of broccoli instead of the pasta. Believing in your ability to TRY.

The only failure is quitting.



All Levels


Front Squat:

3 x 3 @ 85% of 1RM


3 rounds

15 Burpee pull ups
20 Box Jump @ 30″/24″

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