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Camaraderie = Agony + Laughter

We had some fantastic goings-on (according to Webster’s that is a word) at the gym this week! It was testing week and everyone did great! Lots of PRs to be had! We also hosted a yoga seminar on Saturday. (Technically that was last week, I know!) We had a great turnout and we were able to learn things we normally don’t do in a CrossFit class. Yoga is no joke – it got hard! It was a nice change to get together with other members and learn something new.

And of course, 13.5 of the CF Games Open was released. Thrusters and chest-to-bar pull ups…we love this stuff! This is the last week of the Open! Are you excited about that or disappointed? Maybe a little of both. These Open workouts have been a blast! Some of them more so than others, but it’s great to see everyone pushing themselves and getting that competitive fire for every rep! We’ve also had some out-of-towners come in to get their workout validated with us. I think it’s fantastic that CFers from anywhere can go into any CF box and feel welcome. I rarely hear anything different!

Speaking of new faces, have you noticed we have lots of new members lately!? Say ‘Hi’ and show them what a great group we have! I recently read an article from the New York Times about CrossFit (read it HERE). It’s geared toward CrossFit in the work place and the benefits of exercising with your co-workers. However, the bottom line that I took was that camaraderie is crucial for happy humans. Greg Glassman (founder of CF if you’ve been living under a rock!) was quoted in the article:

“A battle-hardened Green Beret once told me that CrossFit taught him the recipe for camaraderie, which is agony coupled with laughter. He was talking about combat situations, but I’d expect to hear the same from guys writing code.”


All Classes

Games Open 13.5

4 minute AMRAP of:
15 Thrusters (100 / 65 lbs)
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups
*4 minute bonus for every 90 reps (3 rounds) completed.

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