Get Your Oly On.

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You may have noticed we’ve been doing a lot of Olympic weightlifting lately (or “Oly” for short).  We’re not just crazy.  By taking time to ingrain the Oly warm-up, starting position, and movement, we are preparing you for picking up heavier weights down the road.  I want to see everyone’s mechanics as solid as can be before I add weight.  And by the way- everyone is looking GREAT during the skill work.  Seriously, it looks like everyone is getting better by the day.  Its awesome to watch.

We also got to say hello to Pukie for the second time in our gym’s history.  Don’t worry, it was contained.  Remember to moderate how hard you’re hitting the workouts- we don’t want anyone throwing themselves over the cliff if we can avoid it.

On a lighter note…

Jeff: Hi there, YellowWaterBottle.  What’s your story?

Y.W.B.: I don’t know, it happened all so fast.  First we were inseparable…a whole bunch of squats later, they were gone.

Jeff: What do you mean, “they”?

Y.W.B.: Well, I don’t exactly know if my Mommy is a guy or girl.  I’m not very bright.

Jeff: Groan.

If anyone is missing a yellow water bottle, he’ll be in the member’s room awaiting your return.  Remember to take your stuff home!

WOD 6/13/12

12min for 3-position Snatch work



30 Front Squat (115/75)

15 Toes-to-Bar (“T2B”)

15 Lateral Box Jumps (20″)

Check out the pics from today’s WOD…lot’s of good sweatin’ going on!

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