I want to bring up something I’ve seen in the gym.  We’ve been doing a lot of “heavy lift + WOD” days, and watching everyone’s form improve is FANTASTIC, but it also brings up a cause for concern.  I know you want to push yourselves and keep up with the person next to you, but it isn’t always the best thing for YOU on that day.

We want everyone to progress in the following order:

1) Mechanics– Remember me repeating “Stance, Grip, Position” over and over?  Remember how a squat always begins by setting your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly out, arms in front for balance, and sending the hips back?  These are the mechanics- the basic movement patterns.  I want everyone to learn, use, and remember the basic patterns.  We’re teaching our MIND the movement.  That’s why we do them every day!

2) Consistency– Once you’ve learned the basics, we’re going to do a lot of reps.  Make sure you’re making EVERY rep count.  By performing the movement over and over, we’re teaching our BODY the movement.  As you get better, you won’t have to spend extra brain cells thinking about foot position and keeping your stomach tight; you’ll do it out of habit!

3) Intensity– Notice how this comes at the end, AFTER you’ve got the other two steps down?  This is important!  Keeping intensity low until you’ve correctly learned the movements will keep you safe from injury.  Guys, I know you want to lift heavy weights, but TRUST ME- jumping up to big numbers before your form is perfect is asking for an injury.  Same goes for kipping pull-ups.  Don’t look at me and think you can do it today- I’ve got a solid 3 year head start, and it took me 3 months to learn how to kip.

That being said- don’t sandbag the workout!  You’ve all been doing great at really pushing yourselves and finding where the edge of the cliff really is.

Remember to invite your friends/family for the Grand Opening on Saturday at 10am!  There will be free food and drinks, and the gym will be setup for the Baseline workout for anyone who wants to re-test (totally optional!).  Feel free to bring a small side dish!

Here’s some pictures from Monday- what a huge class!  Fear not- more barbells are coming soon.

WOD 6/27/12

Shoulder Press 5×5

12min AMRAP

8 Clean High Pulls

12 T2B

16 Hand release Pushup

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