Jesus believes:

“We are all capable of doing anything we set our minds too. As long as we have the right mindset, every morning instead of saying ”I HAVE to go to work”, ” I HAVE to go to the gym”, ”I HAVE to run errands”, or anything like that replace the word ”HAVE” with ”GET”. It will be a better feeling, now it will look like ”I GET to go to the gym”. When it comes to fitness the hardest part of it all is simply showing up. Once you show up and do the work you’ll be glad you showed up. Even though sometimes we don’t want to be there, show up and go through the movements you will thank yourself. Consistency is key when it comes to fitness just like anything else in life. I remember my first day at Crossfit, it was June 1st 2020. I also remember how hard it was but I was set to keep showing up and putting in the work. Now I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life and I can whole heartily say it was because of Crossfit. I believe my life’s purpose now is to help those that can’t or don’t know how to help themselves in fitness. “


Favorite Quote:

“One day or day one, you decide”