Kate believes:

“There’s no age limit. It’s about mindset. The body is capable of so much more than what the mind thinks. Train the mind, and the body will follow. Will every day always be sunshine and rainbows, PRs and beating times? Nope. But like the saying goes, smooth waters never made a skilled sailor.”



  • High school and collegiate athlete (softball and basketball)
  • NSCA CSCS and TSAC-F certifications
  • Personal Trainer for 2 years
  • CrossFit 7 years, L1 coach for 5


  • Coaching clients in health and life in a wide range of categories
  • Coaching sports
  • Programming workouts/stretches for clients
  • Posture correction/mobility


  • B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science
  • M.S. in Exercise Physiology
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Favorite Quote:

“Gratitude. Everyday.”