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March Athlete of The Month – COUPLES EDITION – Cheryl & Dan Severino

By 03/05/2018August 17th, 2018No Comments

Dan – 64 / Cheryl – 61

Started CrossFit: June 2013

Favorite Movements:

Dan – Back Squat  (I was a catcher through college!)

Cheryl – Deadlift  (It’s the one I can do the best!)

Favorite Quote:

Dan – “That’s right, I’m bad!!”  

Cheryl – “ Keep moving and laugh!”

“We’ve worked out most of our lives – mostly running. CrossFit was a whole new spin on working out for us.  It made us try things we have never done before – like Olympic weight lifting. CrossFit challenges your faith in yourself and your own drive to the max.  We started with CrossFit 4½ years ago but now the FLEX workouts are our main choice.”


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