This is the last week before the big Snatchapalooza finals! Get your time in the shop and dial in that Snatch. Get in and work on those Toes-to-Bar. I hate to say it but this is your last chance to fine tune your game before hitting that big challenge final this Saturday! Watch your inbox for updates on the schedule and your heat times.

Don’t forget that immediately following Snatchapalooza we will be hosting a BBQ at the shop! Thank the Harms for providing the beef when you see them in the shop and put your name down for anything that you plan on bringing. No one wants to see a table full of burgers and potato chips. Except for Lawrence. He would probably love that.

All Levels

BB Gymnastics

5×2 Snatch from High Blocks or Hi-Hang Snatch
Heavy but perfect
Rest 60-90 seconds between sets


5 Rounds for Time of:
14 Pullups
21 Kettlebell Swing
100 Double-Unders

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