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Monday 13 May, 2013

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 Rest? Who needs rest?

You do, big boy, you do. Especially if you want to get better.

We’re machines, and just like any other machine if you constantly run the engine with the pedal to the metal and never stop to refill the tank you are eventually going to come up empty on the freeway. That’s a fancy way of saying you aren’t going to get anything from your workouts and you’re going to set yourself up for injury.

So how do we rest? CrossFit’s work:rest protocol is simple…3 days on, 1 day off. Why 3 days? Simply put, after resting for a day athletes are typically ready to hit it hard on that first day back in the gym. After a hard day of training, the second day of training the athlete is usually sore and can workout with vigor but it takes a little more effort to get through the training day. On the third day, the athlete typically has to dig deep in order to attack the training in the same way they have for previous workouts. If anything the athlete is ready TO REST on the third day, not workout. So in order to get the pep back in the athlete’s step the athlete needs a rest day so they can come back in and get the intensity back into their workout.

Well what does it mean to rest? Simple…take a day off! That is the biggest thing you can do to help your recovery. But recovery can be more than just not working out for a day. Recovery is the food that you eat, the sleep that you get, and the alone time you find for yourself. So when you aren’t training, recover! And on the 4th day…rest.

Need a way to quantify your recovery?

All Levels

BB Gymnastics

7 x 3-Position Snach (High to Low) Heavy

Gymnastic Strength

3 rounds not for time:

5 Strict Chest to bar + 10 Gymnastic kip Pull-ups
20 Hollow Body rocks + 10 Tuck Crunch


5 Rounds for time:

10 Pull-ups
20 wall balls 20lb/14lb

Level 1

BB Gymnastics

7 x 3-Position Snach (High to Low) Heavy


15 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull-ups
15 Foot Walking Lunge
10 Wall Balls 20lb/14lb

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