The Whole Life Challenge is OVER!

A big thanks to all our participants this year- the Finals were a blast, despite the freezing rain and snow!

2012 Whole Life Challenge Results

Overall Winner: Angela P.

Most Improved: Jessica O.

Guest Overall Winner: Dan P.

Guest Most Improved: Abigail O.

Click HERE to see the pictures!

Also, for those who didn’t make it to the Xtreme Challenge Arena after party…it was EPIC.  Cedric gave Jeff a mild concussion, Jeff gave Jason a mild concussion, Andrei got to ride a bike in the air, Bridget climbed monkey bars 30ft+ up, and everyone got to “share the love” with their significant others in the form of a giant, high speed rubber ball.  The videos are AWESOME, we’re working on getting them public!

And in the spirit of competition…next week is the Turkey Challenge @ MBS CrossFit (at Jeffco Airport).  We’ve got five people competing, so come on by our tent to cheer us on and see what CrossFit competitions are all about!

Barbell Gymnastics

Hang Snatch 5×2 @ 60%


3 rounds for time of:

10 Burpee Broad Jump

20 KBS 53/35#

15 C2B Pullups

10 Thrusters 95/65#

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