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Monday 15 April 2013

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How We Make CrossFit Available to EVERYONE

I’ve heard time and time again how “CrossFit is too hard for me”, or “I need to get in shape before I start.” BALONEY. That’s an excuse, not a reason. CrossFit is only “too hard” for those who give up on themselves. It’s our job as coaches to provide you with the best training possible, and we do that by scaling each workout to your ability level.

Look at these 3 pictures. They’re a GREAT example of how we scale to ability level- in the first picture, Jon is doing “toes-to-bar”. This is the full movement, but we know this requires a certain degree of shoulder strength/flexibility, coordination, and agility.

Here’s Carlos and Josie. They’re both over 60, but have been training with us for over a full year now. We know they can handle the pullup bar, but still lack the flexibility to raise their toes all the way up- so Carlos is only raising his feet above his hips in this photo.

And finally, here’s Jenean. She’s 62 years old, and just started training with us a couple of months ago. She’s not quite ready for the pullup bar yet, so she’s raising her toes to the bar behind her head. I’ll also use this scale for someone who has an injured shoulder, but still wants to do the workout.

So no matter what your current fitness level or ability, we will manage the workouts with you and still give great training.

No excuses!

All Levels WOD

Barbell Gymnastics

1 Snatch + 1 Hang Snatch: 10×1 @ 70%, 7×1 @ 80%, 4×1 @ 85%


10x100m Sprint, rest 1min.

Level 1 WOD

Barbell Gymnastics

Snatch Technique


10x100m Sprint, rest 1min.

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