“Being prepared for any random task is not the same thing as preparing randomly for any task.” – Greg Everett

The CrossFit Games Open season is upon us! We are about a month out from the first workout and you can feel the electricity in the air. For some of you there are performances from the last Open season that you are comparing yourself to. For others this will be your first time. Some of you are planning on signing up and comparing yourself to athletes all around the world while others will just be treating the workouts like another day of training.

Regardless of how you are planning on approaching this open season I suggest everyone use this season to do the same thing: evaluate your performance and prioritize your weaknesses. And yes, no matter what your training goals are it is extremely important to spend some time reflecting on your performance. In the end our goals differ in degree, not in type. Some of us are training for more involvement in competition and some of us are training to carry our kids around the block. While those may seem like two different ends, we are all training for the same basic thing…general athletic performance. Over the course of five workouts the CrossFit Open will help you map out who you are as an athlete. Use this time to evaluate yourself and meet with your coach to come up with a plan to improve your performance over the next year.

Last, but not least, remember this: It’s just a workout (technically it’s just five workouts but who is counting?). You have all been training hard since the day you first came to CrossFit Thornton. You have been building all year long and tackling classic CrossFit conditioning work every day. You are all going to do great. So do your best, have fun, and, if all else fails, feel free to raid my beer fridge afterward.

All Levels

BB Gymnastics

12 minutes to establish a 3-Position Snatch (Low-Hang, Below the Knee, Floor)


L) 10 minutes to complete

4 rounds of:
15 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#
15 TTB
50 Double-Unders

With the remainder of the 10 minutes

Lateral Jump Burpees

*Score is total reps of Burpees.


BB Gymnastics

1) 12 minutes to establish a 3-Position Snatch (Low-Hang, Below the Knee, Floor)
2) 2) 3 x 3 Pos Snatch @ 85% of #1


1a) 5 x 3 Behind the Neck Push Press + 3 Overhead Squat
1b) 5 x 5 Pendlay Row – Heaviest Possible
2a) 3 x 10 GH Raise
2b) 3 x 8 Weighted Pull-up

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