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Snatchapalooza is almost here! Get into the shop and use your skill sessions to fine to those movements and get that PR! Need help with Knees-to-Elbows or Toes-to-Bar? Need some tips for the rower? Guess what, you can bet your bottom dollar that a 30 minute skill session will go a long way toward getting under that Snatch. Skill sessions are built into every membership so no excuses!

All Levels WOD

BB Gymnastics

5×1 3-position Snatch (high to low)


3 Rounds of:

4 min AMRAP

4 Pushup side-to-side hops
8 Situps
16 Air Squats
1 min Rest

Level 1 WOD


Kipping Pullup




5 Pullup
10 Pushup
15 Squat

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