Monday 24 June 2013

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Starting this week, we’ll be doing a modified version of the Smolov squat program. This is a widely-used and well-known Russian squat progression with notably high volume. It is known for being extremely difficult, but is also a great developer of the squat.


Expect to squat 4 times a week, with reduced volume of Olympic lifting and metcons, so you can fully recover from the Hell that is coming.

Average Joe’s-

Expect to squat 2-3 times per week. The volume and percentages may be too high for some of you- we will scale the work to your level. The most important thing, as always, is developing proper technique and building a solid base of strength and ability.

What does this mean for my body?

If you’ve been here for a while, we’ve probably talked about your individual limitations and mobility issues that need to be addressed…now is the time to address them. Please take additional time before/after class and on your rest days to mobilize (for 10 minutes, not 30 seconds). We’ll be posting videos and discussing different techniques for mobility in class, so write down the ones you need and do them often.

If you’re following the volume as prescribed, consider increasing the amount of food you’re eating and the fish oil you’re taking. If you’re not taking a whey protein and your recovery starts to suffer, considering a shake mid-morning or after workouts (again, my favorite: mixed berries, two scoops Recovery, ice and milk, blended). Everyone who takes the SFH Recovery has seen noticeable results (including Bridget leading up to Regionals, and she never listens to me!). If you don’t want the whey, make sure you’re eating MEAT at every meal. Beans do not count as a protein substitute for our purposes. You’re going to train like an athlete, so you’re going to need to eat like one.

What about me, the casual CrossFitter?

The squat is the #1 strength developer of the human body. Being able to squat deep and heavy transfers to nearly everything you do in life- from sitting in an office chair all day to climbing a 14’er. Consistently practicing the squat will make you a stronger and healthier person, I promise!

Mobility for the Day- Ankles


All Levels


Smolov Week 1 Day 1
High Bar Back Squat 6×6 @ 70%


5 Rounds for time:
Run to 120th (all out)
Jog Back

Level 1


High Bar Back Squat 5×5



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