Monday, 5 August 2013

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All Levels

Gymnastic Strength

1a) 5×5 Strict Weighted Pull-ups – Heaviest Possible
1b) 5×3 Snatch First Pull – Heaviest Possible
1c) 5×30 Hollow Rock


Death by 10 Meters

Set up two cones 10m apart from each other.
Every Minute on the Minute run 10m.
For every minute that you complete all of your 10m runs without going over the minute add one 10m run.
Do this until you can no longer complete all of your 10m runs in the minute allotted.
Score is the last completed number of 10m runs finished.


BB Gymnastics

1) 15min 1RM 2-pos Hang Snatch (2″ above floor, top of knee)
2) 3×1 2-pos Hang Snatch @ 90% of above
3A) 5×2 Snatch First Pull, to top of knee
3B) 5×5 Pendlay Row


7 Rounds for reps
2min AMRAP
30 DU
ME Burpees

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