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Monday 8 July 2013

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Top Ten Reasons How You Know Someone CrossFit’s
10. They will wear Rogue board shorts to go swimming
9. Their first plate at a buffet is full of proteins only
8. Around friend’s they talk about snatch openly
7. They don’t bit their fingernails or pick their noses, but they continually pick and rub  their hand calluses
6. Their browser history is CrossFit, CrossFit and CrossFit
5. They own a lacrosse ball but never play lacrosse
4. All their jokes or stories start off by, “this one time, at CrossFit…”
3. Weekend chores are tackled like a chipper- For Time: mow lawn, wash car, paint the , house, grocery store, fix kids bike, vacuum carpets and laundry
2. They drink fish oil only second to water
1. They hook- grip their steering wheel


Smolov Week 3

All Levels


Smolov Week 3 Day 1
HBBS 6×6 @ 70%+
*If you are recovered from last week and felt solid, add 10lbs. If you walked funny all week and are still sore, stay at the same weight as last week.


5 Rounds for reps of:

30 sec. ME Burpees
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME KBS 32/24kg
30 sec. Rest
30 sec. ME Ab-Mat Situps
30 sec. Rest

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