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November Athlete Of The Month- Mollie Browne

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Congratulations Mollie Browne!

November Athlete of the Month

Age: I celebrated my 10th anniversary of my 25th birthday this year.——Started CrossFit: 6 years on & off.——Favorite Movement: Snatches.


About Mollie.

I’m a therapist. I know right!? Crazy. I don’t curse as much when in sessions, I swear. I have also been at CrossFit Thornton for about 6 years I think. I’ve taken a few breaks here and there but always come back. Our community is that strong.

How has CrossFit changed you?

Other than introducing me to other crazy minded pain seeking psychos, it has helped me gain confidence in myself. Strong is in!

What is your favorite quote or mantra you live by?

Not necessarily my mantra, but seems like good advice: Be a good human.

What is your favorite WOD/CrossFit movement?

Snatches…all the snatches. And the movement after the workout, when you’re laying on the floor dying, whatever that one is called.  Not sure I have a favorite WOD. They all kind of suck. But I think I prefer the long chipper workouts. Steady moving for 30+ minutes. That’s my jam!

What is your least favorite WOD/CrossFit movement?

Thrusters and muscle ups. Thrusters because they are terrible and muscle ups because I can’t do them. Stupid muscle ups.

Athletic/Sports history highlights:

I was a basketball player through all of middle and high school and was on the crew team during undergrad.

How has CrossFit improved your overall wellness?

CrossFit introduced me to Paleo and the idea of eating to fuel your body. This was a huge change for me and I have been mostly following these ideals for the last 5 years. And it’s given me actual muscles, so that’s cool too.

Advice to new people?

Welcome to being sore somewhere everyday forever, Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to scale anything. Yelling helps with the pain during the workout. Cursing helps too. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else; we all were the new person at one point too. Every workout hurts, so get used to it. Self care (massages, stretching, warming up, needling, alcohol)!!!!!! .

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