The Open is Over!

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Open this year! You all did fantastic. I will do a longer write up on everything that I saw during the open but for now, rest, recover, and get ready for this next cycle.

Now many of you know how important I think coaching is to your athletic progress. Great coaching can provide purpose, direction, and motivation. Terrible coaching can create apathy and boredom and, worst case, create injuries. Because of this CrossFit Thornton coaches are encouraged to never stop improving. They are committed to self-study, attend seminars and camps every year, and are constantly evolving in order to bring you the best and most professional training possible.

With that in mind we are extremely excited about this next cycle.  We have been tracking the Tracy Anderson Method ever since she started working with Gweneth Paltrow and the results we’ve seen are amazing. We wanted to get this change started sooner but it wasn’t until recently that Coach Mark and Coach James finished the men’s version of the Tracy Anderson Method and gave it their seal of approval. Over the next few weeks you’ll notice some changes in the gym as we replace our dumbbells with more 1, 3, and 5 lbs weights (the 5 lbs are for the guys). We will be selling our rig in order to update our space with more therapy and resistance bands as well as selling our bars and bumpers and replacing them with ankle weights. Please bear with us as we make these adjustments.

Do not be intimidated! We will scale these workouts so you can complete the 40-minute cardio dances unbroken!

Stay pumped! Stay motivated! And keep your eyes on the future! 2015 Games here we come!


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