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Coach Aaron here,

So this post may be a bit blunt but I believe it is very important for me to address as coming in to CFT as your new CrossFit & FLEX Coach.

There are plenty of reasons for people’s actions:
Drinking, smoking, over eating – Relieve stress
Speeding on road – Get home or the next destination quick
Being tired during the day – not sleeping enough, or not eating enough quality food

Ask yourself this: Why did you go to the gym? Do you do it to train for a sport, competition, obstacle course race, 5 or 10k, etc? Or maybe you go because someone told you to (ie your doctor, husband, wife, parents, or maybe even your kids). Regardless of why you go…there is always a reason.

It’s important to know this reason to hold your self accountable of refer back to why you made the investment in your self.

Most importantly you can’t forget about the community aspect of what you belong to here. We may all go to the gym for different reasons but we’re together at CrossFit Thornton because regardless of why we do it we are all working toward the same goal: Fitness for Life.

So drink your pre-workout, get your butt in here, and support your goals and your community. And when you’re too tired, too sore, too cold, or too hungry, remember why your fitness is important to you.

– Coach Aaron

CrossFit WOD for 8/4/15


20 manmakers


1. 5×3 Back Squat 80% of your 3 rm

2. 5×3 Press


15 min AMRAP

3 Push Press

3 K2E (knees to elbows)





Continue to add 3 reps for each round.

Brian Lee

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