Renee believes:

Life is all about balance, and balance starts in the mind. We push our bodies to improve our physical performance, but don’t take the time to check in with our mental and emotional well-being. We often look into a mirror or a scale to see results instead of looking within ourselves. When one is in balance, they will see the results they seek reflected in their everyday reality. Once truly aligned, we experience happiness, abundance and contentment in both our inner and outer worlds.
Movement allow us to hone in on the areas of the body that may be holding us back. Meditation allows us to seek guidance from our higher self in how to move forward. Yoga provides an extraordinary medium to bring more mobility and strength to your physical practice, while providing a safe space to quiet your mind and connect with your most authentic self.


  • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor
  • CrossFit Athlete, 7 years
  • Flex Athlete, 3 years
  • Meditator, 6 years
  • Mindset Student, lifelong

Favorite Quote:

“Make your vision bigger than your bullshit.”