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Yes, we squat.  We squat often and we squat deep (or in some cases we mobilize so that we can squat deep in the future).  But one of the more oft than not overlooked areas of the squat is the neck.

We like to talk about spine and hip position and maintaining a strong midline through the squat but sometimes we are apt to overlook the simple fact that the neck is a part of the spine.  In the same way that we maintain a nice neutral spine position throughout the squat we also have to remember to maintain a nice neutral neck (and head) position.

Squat AnglesNotice how the flat back and NEUTRAL NECK AND HEAD POSITION is maintained here.

Why is this important?  The squat is a total body exercise.  Your legs may be pushing the weight but your trunk is working in order to maintain that neutral spine position.  Because of this if you crank your neck around the bar and look up in order to try and drive your chest up you are risking injury from from all that force you are pushing through your trunk.


Squat Clinic by Greg Glassman

BB Gymnastics

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.



3 rounds for time of:

50′ Banded Partner Run
50 Double-Unders
50′ Banded Partner Run
5 Hang Power Cleans

In teams of two, each person completing all reps.

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