Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the WOD

It’s a love/hate relationship. We love the results we get and the pride we feel when we pushed hard. We hate the feeling pushing hard causes. This is a DAILY struggle for every person in here. Here’s some tips on getting through the day with your head up:

  • You can only push as hard as you are able TODAY. Every day is not going to be 100% effort.
  • Forgive yourself now for your sins of nutrition and sleep. Your body and mind will appreciate it.
  • Don’t try to sprint every WOD from 3-2-1-Go.
  • DO try to accelerate as the WOD goes on, especially in that last minute. If the workout is <10min, you do not need your water safety blanket!
  • Remember: No one ever went to the gym and left wishing they hadn’t gone. Results come from intensity AND consistency- push hard when you can, and come as often as you can.

If anyone happens to be running the Peru 5K race today, stop by our booth and say hi!

Bring-A-Friend WOD

Complete as much of the following chipper as possible, 20min time cap:
Run 200m
40 Wallballs (non-working partner must hold a plank)
Run 200m
30 Box Jumps (non-working partner must hold a plank)
Run 200m
20 Partner Deadlifts 225/135
Run 200m
10 Over the Bar Burpees (each partner must do 10 to finish workout)

Endurance Team

Meet up at the Margret Carpenter Rec Center, east side of the field, at noon

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