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Saturday 18 May, 2013

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Who’s got calluses?! Hopefully we’ve all got them. They protect your hands from the gripping, swinging, pushing – everything CrossFit. Well, actually they can only protect if you’re taking care of them the right way. When calluses build up they get thicker and raised. If you don’t file them down they can get pinched on a bar or rings and tear (exactly the opposite of what they’ve ‘grown’ to do!) Not to mention, they can make your hands rough and unpleasant! I’m sure that red panda takes care of his calluses or he’d never be able to pull off unbroken strict muscle-ups like that!

These calluses have been with you since you’re first pull up! Take care of them! Luckily we’ve got the Ript Skin System in the pro shop to help. Scrub those calluses down in the shower and take care of them during the day with super-special moisturizers. Check it out here!

***UPDATE*** I also realized today that the grind stone in the Ript Skin System is FANTASTIC on rough feet! It’s summer time now. Use it to get your feet nice and soft…and presentable!

All Levels and Level 2

Gym Testing!

Max Strict Muscle-up (or Pull-up)

Two options:
1. Find your max rep at strict Muscle-ups
2. 1RM max Weighted Strict Muscle-up.

Max effort L-sit

Two options:
1. Find your max time at L-sit or Tuck sit
2. Find your max Weighted L-sit for a time over 0:05’s


50 KBS @ 24/16
50 Wall Balls 20/14
50 Burpees
* Time Cap 10 Mins

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