Saturday 2 November, 2013

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Today is the day you’ve been waiting for…The Whole Life Challenge Finale!!! The measurements start at 8AM so get in quick and we can get the WLC closed up and get back to beer drinkin’ and butt kickin’!

No, seriously, great job everyone, you all did awesome. You pushed your lifestyle and gave a serious look at your diets and nutrition over the past 8 weeks. Some of us had harder times than others, some of us will keep this going and others won’t. Regardless of what you do I hope that you all learned a lot over the past 8 weeks.

Now bring out the keg.

All Levels


Whole Life Challenge Finals

For Reps:
2 Min ME 25 Yard Shuttle Run
1 Min Rest
2 Min AMRAP of:
5 Push-up
10 Squat
1 Min Rest
2 Min ME Sit-up
1 Min Rest
2 Min ME Shuttle Run

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