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The Beginning

I started CrossFit in Dec. 2009 when my kids were 3 and 1. We (my husband, two friends, and me) began following and doing the WODs in a ‘globo’ gym. We were all hooked from the beginning! When we started, we didn’t even know there was such a thing as a CrossFit gym. We had no one to coach us (so we did a LOT wrong!), we didn’t have all the proper equipment, we definitely didn’t have much endurance or strength, and we received TONS of weird looks! At that time when you mentioned CrossFit to someone, they had no clue what you meant. Or they thought you were talking about ‘cross-training’ or ‘circuit training’. I had no idea then that CrossFit would completely change my life and the lives of my family. It’s so cool to hear my kids talk about wanting to ‘do a work out’, eating healthy, and drawing pictures of a pull-up rig and barbells!

Chris Spealler (a long time CrossFitter and the only athlete to have competed in all six CrossFit Games) wrote a great article about his CrossFit beginning. After reading it, I realized how far CrossFit has come since I started. It has become such a fantastic community to be a part of!

Grass Roots

Oh, and have you heard!? CrossFit Thornton was named the “Best Small Business” in the City of Thornton!!! What a great milestone for our 1-year anniversary!! And if your interested in showing off your skills or telling your CrossFit story, make sure to be at the gym this Monday at 1pm. The Thornton/Northglenn Sentinel will be doing a photo shoot at our box! Come out and show them your smile (and your awesomeness!)

All Levels

Gymnastics Strength

3 Rounds Not for Time:

4 Skin the cat
8 Ice-Cream makers
12 Strict Chin-ups (+10-25lbs)
10 Box Jumps 36/28


1) 2 Mins Max Rep Tire Flips + 2 Min Max Rep Box Jumps
2) 2 Min ME Pull-ups
3) 4 Shuttle Sprints For Time
4) ME Unbroken Kettlebell Snatch

Level 2

Gymnastics Strength

4 x 4
Skin the cat
3 x 8
Ice-Cream makers
3 x 12
Strict Chin-ups ( +10-25lbs)
Ring Flys ( Straight arms )


4 x 10
Box Jumps (Men 30-36″)(Women 24-28″)

Brian Lee

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