Chuck Norris once snatched a car.

But seriously, learning the basics of self-defense is a tool EVERYONE should have. This isn’t about winning fights, it’s about being able to defend yourself in a dark alley alone. Knowing the basics may save your life.

This seminar will take place at Fuseboxe MMA in Westminster. Sign-up sheet is in the lounge!

In other news…

Congrats on surviving the first week of squats! In order to better “spread out the fun”, next week we’ll be squatting on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. Continue working on your mobility (especially at the bottom of the squat), keep drinking plenty of water, take your fish oil, and EAT. Everyone’s doing great so far, keep it up!

All Levels

BB Gymnastics

1RM Clean & Jerk, followed by
EMOM for 5 minutes
2 C&J @ 80%


Muscle-Up Skill Work, then:
30 Muscle-Ups for time (bar or ring)…but on every minute, you must do 5 burpees

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