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Today our family took a trip to the Wild Animal Sanctuary out in Keenesburg, Colorado. Really cool place! There’s a one mile walkway above habitat for LOTS of lions, tigers, and bears. I’m not just saying ‘lions, tigers, and bears’ because of the Wizard of Oz thing…they’re all really there, really big, and really close! It’s actually a bit nerve-wracking. As we were walking through, I noticed something pretty consistent. All of these big ferocious animals were laying down in the sun sleeping. Some were up moseying around, yawning, and stretching. But mostly just being lazy. Then, while we were finishing up our second mile (walking back), all of the sudden we saw two big male lions running – fast. As cool as it was to see all the animals being lazy, it was (in my son’s words) ‘super cool’ to see some action! Then we noticed they weren’t just running for fun (why would they do that), they were running after on other big male lion. Then the first two lions attacked the third! Super-Duper COOL!!! No blood was drawn, at least not that I saw and all three walked away. But there wasn’t one lion in the place that wasn’t making some noise. Lots of roaring going on. Outside of that whole experience being pretty cool to see, there was something else that struck me. Lions are strong, fierce-ass animals who sleep a lot. Maybe there’s something to this sleep thing. I’m pretty sure most people don’t get enough sleep. Maybe if you get a bit more sleep, or just laziness the sun, we’d all be more fierce-ass athletes.

So don’t forget to get good quality sleep and lazy time. Just enjoy your time in the sun…and of course, be like a lion and protect your pride!

(I thought I had a video of the fight, but apparently I don’t know how to use my new phone.)


Sleeping for Performance

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3RM Clean/FS/Jerk/BS/Jerk


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