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Lately I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Busy with errands, housework, cooking, work, bills, gym time, yard work, summer planning, the kids’ schools/homework/volunteering, etc., etc., etc. Most of it is fun and I don’t mind any of it, but it’s all too much sometimes. There’s no time to just SIT! We all get so BUSY that we forget to take time out for the things that we really enjoy…and need. Now, about half of the things I listed ARE things I enjoy (yes, yard work an gym time are two!) Something I’ve noticed is that when I finally tell myself that the non-fun things can wait until I’ve had time to sit myself down on my porch swing (sometimes with a glass of wine or a beer) and relax with my family, my mind eases and I’m actually more productive later on. Or at least happier. 🙂

You may have already read “The Mayonnaise Jar“, but it’s always good to read again. Who knows if it’s a true story, but that doesn’t matter.

Here’s another great article about our busy lifestyle. My favorite quote (it makes my laugh every time I read it!): “If your job wasn’t performed by a cat or a boa constrictor in a Richard Scarry book I’m not sure I believe it’s necessary.
The Busy Trap


All Levels

BB Gymnastics

Every 0:20’s for 7 Minutes Perform

1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk @ 70%


3 Rounds of:

10 Knees-2-Elbows
15 Push-ups
20 Barbell Step-ups 95/65 *Front Rack

Level 2

BB Gymnastics

Every 0:20’s for 7 Minutes Perform

1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk @ 70%

Gymnastic Strength

6 x :20 second Handstand Hold + 7 Clapping Push-ups Rest :45 – :60 seconds
5 x 2 Ring Pullups + 1 Jumping Muscle up + 2 Dips Rest :60-:90 Seconds*if you have a strict Mucle-up then do that instead of jumping
4 x :15s L-Sit Hold Rest :45 Seconds

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