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Structured Chaos

“The volume of loading has grown noticeably, in recent years. However, it is impossible to agree with the viewpoint that an increase in the volume of training work is considered the sole or at best, the most accessible opportunity for raising the effectiveness of the athlete’s preparation. In contrast to the volume, the rational structuring of the loading is of great significance, in any type of sport. Practical experience has shown that no one means, nor one method of special training can be considered universal or absolutely effective. Every means and method can (and should) have chief significance at a given stage of training; depending on the motor specifics of the type of sport, the sportman’s preparedness, character of the preceding loading, the concrete objectives of the current stage of training, etc. Furthermore, our research (Y.V. Verkhoshansky, 1966, 1970) has shown convincingly, that if one is speaking of the absolute effect of special-strength-training, i.e., a definite system of employing a variety of means and methods, this effect is significantly higher qualitatively and quantitatively, than is achieved with separate means and methods, not sequence over time. Furthermore, this effect is achieved at a lesser volume of loading…The fact is that it is simpler and easier to increase the volume of loading, than to search for effective means of special training. That is why this method is so commonly used in practice.”

A. S. Medvedyev, A System of Mult-Year Training in Weightlifting, trans. Andrew Jr. Charniga (Livonia, MI: Sportivny Press, 1989).

All Levels

Gymnastic Strength

1a) 3 x 10 Skin the Cat – Rest :60
1b) 3 x ME Iron Cross Hold – Rest :60


L) 5 rounds of:
10 Strict Toes-to-Bar
10 Strict Pull-up
10 Wall Walk

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