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Thursday 18 April, 2013

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What is this virtuosity thing we keep talking about and why is it so important?

Sometimes people like to say that practice makes perfect. But lately I’ve been using an even more accurate statement: practice makes permanent. We spend a lot of time every class working on highly skilled movements from handstand pushups to cleans to muscle-ups to snatches. It’s easy to get trapped in the mindset that to get better you have to do more. Go heavier, do more reps, go longer, do two-a-days, etc. etc. and while all these things may increase your capacity, if you are simply doing shit reps over and over again then when the time comes that you need to perform that one perfect rep when it counts, you’ll simply do what you’ve been doing over and over…a shit rep.

So remember what you’re training for. All things being equal, the athlete with more virtuosity will do better because your last rep will look exactly like your first no matter how tired you are. Every rep will be the most efficient that it can be and all of their energy will be focused on executing good reps. And that athlete who has been training virtuosity, the athlete who doesn’t put their body in compromised positions will be less likely to injure themselves and more likely to being able to train day after day.

Oh…and stop dropping kettlebells. If you just did 60 kettlebell swings you have the strength to set it down on the ground. My ankles and the ankles of those around you will thank you.

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