Thursday 20 June 2013

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freedom_breaking_through_wall_800_clr_7817[1]  Break through your walls

In a room of 100 people you can divide the group into three portions; Top 10%, middle 80% and the bottom 10%. The groups are separated on performance over time on any group of task over the same period of time. For example, let’s use CrossFit athletes. We are all familiar with task that a CrossFit Athlete does and you can create your own length of time. Now let’s talk about the difference in the groups.

The most significant difference between the athletes in the top ten percent compared to the athletes in the middle eighty percent is the ability of that athlete to use their mind to control their own outcome.

What walls have you put in your own way? What walls has your past experiences put in your way? What walls do you imagine you have as soon as you touch the barbell? What walls has your mind created that keeps you out of the top ten percent?

You have the opportunity to learn how to break through those walls. You have the chance to get on top… It’s where you belong!

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