Jeff and son Josh working through power snatches.

Be sure to check your inbox today.  Jeff and I sent out emails to our athletes asking for feedback on goals over the next few month.  Reply back or make an appointment and use our office hours to chat about where you are in training and where you want to be.

Speaking of which, why do we keep talking about goals?  And why are we talking about them when New Years is over a month away?

Well for starters, we don’t believe in resolutions.  Resolutions are about making a decision to do something and you are already doing something, you are here!

A goal is different.  A goal is a result or achievement that you direct your efforts toward.  So set some goals for yourself.  Put some hard numbers down for some benchmark lifts or Girl workouts.  When you come in to train think about those goals and do a little extra to move closer to that goal.

Whatever you do, don’t just haphazardly come in to train without an idea of where you want to go.  Get with your coach and map out some goals for the next 6 months!



400m run

21 KBS

12 Pullups

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